Get help with GPT-3 Fine-tuning

Harish Garg
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I will help you fine-tune a GPT-3 model.


  • You have GPT-3 access and can share the API key(without this, the model will not show up in your account)

  • You have a well-articulated use case and have 100 or more examples of prompts + expected outputs you want from GPT-3 that you can share with me in CSV or spreadsheet format.

What you will get.

  • A fine-tuned model that is trained on the examples you provided. This will show up directly in your account in OpenAI Playground and will be usable from the Playground as well as via your API key in code.

  • a Google Colab Notebook with instructions where you can do the fine-tuning yourself.

Once, you have purchased this product, send an email to with the above details to get started.


  • If you don't have enough examples, I can help you generate those too for extra charge.

  • the performance of the model will depend on the quality of your examples

  • this is a non-refundable purchase.

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Get help with GPT-3 Fine-tuning

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