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Update Official Website - https://explorehackernews.xyz/


  • A Multi-year database of Daily Ranked Hacker News Front Page posts.
  • Tens of Thousands of records from multiple years, with more being added.
  • Multiple data points, including
  • Filterable and Searchable Color Coded Database
  • Included only the curated and Top Ranked posts from the front page for each day of the year(s)(30 per day).

Sample Database

You can access a sample database here - https://airtable.com/shrLkLzcdbKFjlvpQ/tblXMVT0J5gpujOK3

Some Example Use Cases

  • You are about to launch something(products, startups, books, blogs, podcasts, etc.) and want to get on the front page of Hacker News, this will be a good database for you to refer to understand what kind of posts get ranked on the front page.
  • You can use this database to Publish your own Analysis, in the form of a paper, blog article, or even a Hacker News How To Success Guide.
  • You could use this data to create an App that discovers interesting posts on various topics.
  • Discover interesting top-rated posts that you have missed in the past in your area, For example, what kind of Podcast submissions get ranked on the Front Page.
  • Do some Trend Analysis on the data.


What format does data come in?

It's an Airtable Database, that you receive the link to. You can then use it any number of ways 

  • Bookmark the link and use it directly in the browser
  • Save it to your Airtable account
  • Export data to CSV format to use it further in Excel, Google sheets, or any number of databases for further processing

Do I need to purchase Airtable to use this?


Does it contain all Hacker News Posts?

No. This is a curated and polished dataset of only the Top Ranked Posts that appeared on hacker News Front Page Every Day.

What's your Refund Policy?

100% Money-Back Guarantee (30 Days).

Get in touch

If you have further questions. you can contact me via 

- Twitter - https://twitter.com/harishkgarg or 

- email - harish@harishgarg.com

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Hacker News Front Page Explorer

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